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Grand Masonic Day 2016

This year, Grand Masonic Day will be held on Saturday, 27 February, 2016. The Grand Master, MW Bro. Douglas C. Collins will be in attendance, and the Junior Grand Warden, RW Bro. Barry W.K. Burch will give the luncheon address. Five speakers have been engaged with topics such as “Civility in Freemasonry and Society”, “Freemasonry, a House Not Made by Hands”, and “Freemasonry and Music”.

This year, tickets are available for $25, which also includes lunch. Tickets are being sent to all lodge secretaries OR you can get your tickets online right now over here

Message from the East

Greetings Brethren!

February brought our first meeting with the new officer line-up. There were a couple of “learning” glitches but overall it went very well! Our first business meeting was very busy with balloting, education, investiture of officers, and official DDGM visit! By your ballots, the lodge elected Mr. Fredrick Cronin to become a member of the lodge by initiation. Fredrick has been to many of our festive boards and is looking forward to initiation on March 26. As part of the DDGM’s visit, Bro. Dan Denton provided a masonic education paper, and W. Bro. Wilson and VW. Bro. Barr were installed as this year’s Secretary and Treasurer.

The theme of visiting was strong again last month with brothers calling on one another to visit, including Acacia 22 and Excelsior 195. Our fraternal visit to Mount Lebanon #72 was a fun night that included conferring the FC degree. It was well done despite many sick officers and WM Rodgers with laryngitis! This month there are many visiting and educational opportunities including Grand Masonic Day (Feb 28), the Grand Master’s official visit to District 13 on Tues. March 3 (Mt Hermon), and the DDGM visit on March 5 (Acacia).

Specific to Vancouver 68, we have a business meeting on March 12 that will include an education lecture “Origin of the Ritual” presented by Bro. Guthrie, and on March 26 we will be conferring the EA degree and hosting Mount Lebanon as a fraternal visit. The JW also has Paintball lined up for March 28.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!